What is the emerald shape called?

What is a square cut emerald called?

Also known as the ‘square emerald cut’, the Asscher is a step cut diamond which means it has rectilinear facets which run parallel to the girdle. The corners are markedly clipped to prevent chipping, giving the stone an almost octagonal appearance.

Why is it called emerald cut?

The Emerald Cut draws its name from the stone most cut in this rectangular shape–the viridian dream, emerald. … The first new cut emerged in the early 1400s, when cutters began slicing off the rounded surface. The flat surface was called a table, and the new cut was called a Table Cut.

Why are emeralds Square?

Emeralds are fashioned into all the popular diamond shapes. However, the primary difference is that emeralds have a heavier carat weight at the bottom of the gem. This means that the top facet and millimeter size will look slightly smaller than a diamond of the same carat weight.

Why are emeralds rectangular?

Emeralds are brittle, often included and blemished in nature, making them naturally susceptible to fractures. Therefore, protecting the gemstone when it is set in jewellery is important. Emeralds are formed in long crystals, which makes a rectangular-shaped cut an obvious place to start to ensure maximum yield.

What is faceted cut?

A faceted stone is a type of gemstone cut where the stone has flat top, polished faces called facets across it and a pointed bottom. … Gemstones that are transparent are usually made into faceted stones to maximise their beauty.

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Is Octagon cut the same as emerald cut?

An octagon cut and an emerald cut can sometimes be very difficult to tell apart. When viewed from the top, if the octagon cut has slightly truncated corners, it is actually indistinguishable from an emerald cut. … Just like the emerald cut, the octagon cut has facets running parallel to its girdle both above and below.