What is the best way to spend gems in rise of kingdoms?

What should I spend Gems on in rise of kingdoms?

Best Gems Spending Priorities:

  • Unlocking VIP 6.
  • More Than Gem Event – You should be able to get to VIP 8+ now.
  • VIP 10 – Get 1 Free Legendary Sculpture every day.
  • 8-hour speedups – 20 of them each week from (VIP-8 shop)
  • Spin Wheel of Fortune to get YSG + Khan.
  • VIP-12 – Get 2 Free Legendary Sculptures every day.

Can gems be stolen in rise of kingdoms?

Gems cannot be plundered regardless of which form they are in. Gems can be used to purchase items from the mysterious merchant, the Shop, or the VIP Shop.

How many gems does it take to VIP 10 ROK?

VIP Requirements

VIP Level VIP Points VIP Chests (USD)
9 75,000 $100
10 150,000 $20
11 250,000 $20
12 350,000 $50

How do you hack rise of the kingdom?

Best Working Rise of Kingdoms Hacks

  1. Upgrade Commander Skill to 5 Before Upgrading Stars.
  2. Using Correct Commander Pairings.
  3. Use The Right Type of Troops.
  4. Using Lohar.
  5. Create Presets for your Dispatches!
  6. Have a Farm Account, not Rise of Kingdoms hacks.
  7. Understanding the best Packages to buy.
  8. Events.
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How do you get free gems on kingdoms?

Disney Magic Kingdoms: How to Get More Gems for Free

  1. Level Yourself Up.
  2. Run a Parade.
  3. Level Up Your Characters.
  4. Watch Some Videos.
  5. Play Every Day.

What is the best thing to buy in Rise of Kingdoms?

Growth Fund

This is definitely the best offer that you want to purchase first in Rise of Kingdoms. And you can only purchase it once.

How much money does Rise of Kingdoms make?

As of writing this article, Rise of Kingdoms earned more than $1.1 billion. 23% or $262 million comes from the US.