What is it called when diamonds are on the side of a ring?

What is a shank diamond?

The ring shank, or what is commonly referred to as the band, is the portion of the ring that encircles the finger. … The Silhouette style adds a beautiful feature to the ring without taking away from the main focus of the diamond.

What is the outer part of a ring called?

Every ring has a shank. This is the technical term for the band of metal that encircles the finger. There would be no ring without the shank. If the ring has a distinct design feature on the top part, the ring shank is generally said to start at the point that the design stops.

What does a diamond symbol on a ring mean?

A diamond ring has become a symbol of sincere love that lasts forever. That’s why an engagement ring should have a diamond as a sign of marriage and shared happiness in the future.

What is a ring casing?

A ring fitted around the movement to fill the gap between the movement and the case .

What does a split shank mean in a ring?

A split shank is a ring in which the shank splits into two, creating two separate metal pieces that stem from the center stone. A range of styles and variations of split shank settings exist. This halo ring from Blue Nile features a split shank design, with smaller diamonds lining the shanks.

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What are parts of the ring called?

Some common styles here include prongs, bezel, and channel heads, each of which has its own unique appeal. For example, a prong head elevates the center stone and really shows it off. A channel head, on the other hand, features stones that are set into the “channel,” which is formed with two strips of metal.

What is the synonym of diamond?

What is another word for diamond?

equilateral gem
sparkler precious stone
single stone rhomboid
diamonds stone
bijou semi-precious stone

What does Mo mean on jewelry?

This precious little sterling brooch is signed 925 and MO which means that it was made in Modena Italy.

What does C7 on a ring mean?

14K stands for 14 karat or 58.3% gold. C7 could be a manufacturing stamp.

What is a diamond sit?

The head is the primary object that holds in the Diamond. Usually it’s 14k White Gold and sits on top of an Engagement Ring or a Wedding Set. The head is made up of the Prongs (how ever many Prongs that may be), along with the base and usually a peg on the bottom to hold it to the mounting.

What is melee diamond?

The term melee is used to describe smaller brilliant-cut diamonds as well as all small diamonds that are used in embellishing mountings for larger gems.