What happened to Michael Hill Jeweller?

Is Michael Hill a luxury brand?

Michael Hill International Ltd. is a speciality retailer of jewellery in North America and Oceania. As at 30 June 2018, it operates 312 stores in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Michael Hill Jeweller.

Trade name Michael Hill Jeweller
Products Jewellery
Brands Michael Hill, Emma & Roe
Revenue $489 million NZD (30 June 2011)

Where is Michael Hill jewellery made?

After growing their presence in New Zealand, Michael Hill landed in Australia and quickly gained traction there. In 2002, Michael Hill made the voyage over to North America. Their main presence is in Canada, with a little bit in the United States.

Is Michael Hill trustworthy?

Our Rating 3.7 out of 5. Compare Michael Hill Jewellers with James Allen. Michael Hills should be avoided when purchasing a diamond engagement ring or any other diamond jewellery. Their diamonds’ quality is below par, yet they hold a price much higher than they deserve.

Does Michael Hill sell fake diamonds?

Are all of Michael Hill’s diamonds laboratory-created? No. At Michael Hill we have a wide range of natural diamond jewellery. The only laboratory-created diamonds we offer are within our Fenix Laboratory-Created Diamonds Collection.

What diamonds do Michael Hill use?

At Michael Hill, we use the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) diamond grading system because it is the sytem most widely used and referred to by jewellers all over the world. On the GIA scale, diamond colour grades are indicated from colourless to yellow as D through Z. The top grade colour is called D.

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Can you haggle at Michael Hill?

Michael Hill also allowed its staff to carry out a certain degree of discounting on some of its products, it said. “In these instances, the ability to negotiate on a particular item is unique in every circumstance and takes into consideration a variety of factors including price and exclusivity.

Do Michael Hill buy back?

If for any reason you change your mind on your jewellery or watch purchase we will gladly refund the total price within 30 days of purchase of goods. … items purchased from a Michael Hill store may only be returned to or refunded at a Michael Hill store located in the country of purchase.