What grade did Ruby Bridges go to school?

What school did Ruby Bridges go to in first grade?

Ruby was chosen to attend the all-white William Frantz Elementary School. The school board said that black children could attend the first grade if they passed a test. Bridges passed the test. On her first day of school, four U.S. Marshals had to go with her to school.

Did Ruby Bridges want to go to school?

What happened to Ruby Bridges son?

At 17, Ruby Bridges had a son, Craig, the first of four. The night of last July 4, he was shot to death on the streets of New Orleans. No one was arrested, Bridges says; “I think that it’s probably very, very hard to pick that investigation back up after the storm.” His death was both horrible and familiar.

What barrier did Ruby Bridges break?

Ruby Bridges, the civil rights icon who in 1960 broke racial barriers in education when she became the first African-American to attend an all-white elementary school, shared her experiences Jan.

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