What dragons can live on gemstone Island?

How many Gemstone dragons are in Dragonvale?

Each gem dragon is available at a specific time, and requires a specific pair of dragons to be bred. The main 12 birthstone Gemstone dragons are all available during the month of those birthstones. For example, Ruby is the birthstone for July, so the Ruby dragon is available during July.

Can you melee Gemstone dragons?

In combat, gemstone dragons use melee, magic and long ranged dragonfire. … He will only accept uncut gems of dragonstone, onyx or an incomplete hydrix.

Can Gemstone dragons be bred?

Gemstone dragons cannot breed with any dragon.

What dragon takes 44 hours to breed in dragon story?

Wait for the Diamond Dragon to hatch.

Hatching time for this dragon is 44 hours.

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