What does Diamond Club get you at Royalton?

How much is it to upgrade to Diamond Club at Royalton Punta Cana?

If you are upgrading from the basic luxury room to Diamond Club, the cost will be approximately $200 per person per day.

What’s the Diamond Club?

Enjoy the most exclusive area in Citizens Bank Park with its unmatched views, private restaurant and lounge. Offering seats situated between the dugouts with upscale dining options, in-seat wait service, and full-service bars, the Diamond Club provides a first-class experience for you and your guests.

What is the difference between Royalton and hideaway?

The Hideaway is the adults only section of the larger resort The Royalton. It has an additional restaurant, pool, pool bar and beach bar. Butler and additional VIP treatment is called Diamond Club. … Hideaway is adults only at the far end of the resort.

Does Royalton Punta Cana have a nightclub?

No we don’t have night club, but our sister property at Royalton Punta Cana does. over a year ago.

Which Royalton is better Bavaro or Punta Cana?

The main difference is the on-site water park, which is available to Bavaro guests, is located at the Punta Cana hotel. … If you think your kids will make good use of the waterslides, it might be better to stay at Royalton Punta Cana instead.

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How much does Diamond Club cost?

Diamond Club

Membership Perks
Regular Price Diamond Club
General Admission Summer $8 $4
General Admission Fall* $6 $3
Note: Diamond Club card must be scanned at admission gate. Limit one admission per Diamond Club member per race day. Excludes Breeders’ Cup World Championships Nov 5 & 6.

What sections are Diamond Club?

Diamond Seats are found in all rows of Sections 121-125, and in Rows A through H of Sections 119, 120, and 126. These are some of the best seats in a baseball stadium.

Who owns the Royalton hotel chain?

Sunwing Travel Group is delighted to announce the inception of “Blue Diamond Resorts”, a new wholly owned subsidiary which will manage and develop its own portfolio of destination resorts.

Does Royalton Cancun include alcohol?

Highlights of Hideaway at Royalton’s All-in Luxury® concept include: Unlimited reservation-free dining 24/7. All drinks – domestic beer, cocktails and select international brands.

Does Royalton Bavaro have a disco?

2 answers. No, we don’t have disco/ night club.