What does Annemarie wearing Ellen’s necklace show?

What did Annemarie do with Ellen’s necklace?

What did Annemarie do with Ellen’s necklace? She hid it in a safe place.

Why did Annemarie break Ellen’s Star of David necklace?

In the novel, “Number the Stars,” Annemarie hid Ellen’s necklace twice. The first time, when the soldiers came to her home, she grabbed it quickly from Ellen’s neck and held it in her hand. When the soldiers left she saw that she had held it so tightly that it left a Star of David imprint on her skin.

Why is it important to remove Ellen necklace?

Because it was a Jewish symbol. Why was it so important that Ellen remove her Star of David necklace? Annemarie hears the Nazi soldiers. Ellen can’t get it off in time, so Annemarie yanks it off, breaking the chain.

Where did Ellen get her necklace?

Ellen Fraser’s pearl necklace was a wedding gift to Ellen Fraser from Marcus MacRannoch, a former suitor. Jamie tells Claire that his father, Brian, gave the pearls to him to offer to his future wife, though he didn’t say where they had come from.

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What did Annemarie learn about Lise?

What did Annemarie learn about Lise? Annemarie learned that Lise was a member of the Resistance, and she had been killed by a military transport that ran her down while she was leaving a Resistance meeting.

What does Ellen’s necklace symbolize in number the stars?

The Star of David

In the novel, it represents the necessity for Ellen and all the Jews to hide their religion. Until the end of the war, Annemarie keeps the Star of David necklace that Ellen wears. The necklace symbolizes Annemarie’s devotion to her friend and her stance against the Germans.

How did Papa prove that Ellen was his daughter?

What did Papa do to prove that Ellen was his daughter? … In the story, it says he quickly searched through the photo album’s pages, found what he was looking for, and tore out three separate pages and said, “You will see each of my daughters, each with her name written on the photograph.”

What does Ellen from Number the Stars look like?

Ellen Rosen is a short, stocky, dark-haired, ten-year-old Jewish girl. She lives in Copenhagen, Denmark with her parents in the apartment above Annemarie’s apartment.

What does Annemarie want to be when she grows up?

Annemarie, recognizing Ellen’s dramatic talents, encourages her to pursue her interests, telling her, “You were great as the Dark Queen in the school play last year…you should be an actress when you grow up” (Chapter 5).

Who is Annemarie in Number the Stars?

Annemarie Johansen

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Annemarie is the protagonist of the story. She lives in Copenhagen, Denmark with her mother, father, and younger sister Kirsti. Annemarie’s best friend is Ellen, the girl who lives next door. Annemarie is ten years old.

Why is it important when the star becomes imprinted onto Annemarie’s hand?

The Star of David symbolizes the connection between Annemarie and Ellen and the protection of the Jews. … The Star of David is clutched in Annemarie’s hand because she is nervous as her family and Ellen are being questioned by the Nazi. She told him that Ellen was her sister.