What do jewelers solder with?

What is jewelry solder made of?

Solder, a metal alloy of silver and copper or silver and zinc, is used to join two pieces of metal together. Solder is heated until it flows and then allowed to cool. Once cooled, the join is permanent (if done properly).

What metal is used to solder rings together?

A small piece of solder is placed on the join and heated to its flow point which when cooled results in a strong bond between the pieces. Many metals used in jewelry making can be soldered, including sterling silver, fine silver, brass, copper, gold, and gold filled.

Can you make jewelry with a soldering iron?

You can use a soldering iron to make many jewelry repairs. A soldering iron is a tool used to heat solder, a metal-based substance used to join two or more metal components. Soldering irons are frequently used in various creative pursuits, such as jewelry making, metalsmithing and stained glass assembling.

Can I use silver solder on gold?

When soldering two dissimilar metals together, use the lower temperature metal for soldering. For example, when soldering silver to gold, use silver solder. Using soft or repair solder when sizing. Use a hard solder when sizing to prevent porosity and avoid seems.

Do you need flux to solder jewelry?

Silver and gold jewelry require hard soldering. Copper, brass, and bronze components can also be fused with hard solders. In addition to requiring flux, hard solders generally also require the use of pickling solutions to clean and remove surface oxidation from the finished piece.

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