What do I do with the blue gemstone in Resident Evil?

What is the diamond for in Resident Evil?

The Diamond is worth 2,000 BP. It is the most valuable treasure item in the game.

What do I do with the yellow gemstone in Resident Evil?

Purpose. It is used to get a MO Disk from the tiger statue on the first floor of the Spencer Mansion.

Where do you use the red gemstone in Resident Evil?

Unlike in the original version, the Red Gemstone is not to be used in the Tiger Statue room; doing so will cause four adders to appear in the room. Instead, it is to be inserted in the Jewelry Box (RE1) found in the first floor’s Dressing Room in order to obtain the Emblem Key.

Does Leon get diamond key?

Diamond Key location — Claire and Leon

The Diamond Key is in the Morgue in the southeast corner of the basement (B1). It’s in the second drawer from the left on the left side of the room. You’ll have to fight a zombie for it, and then you can use it to open the office in the Firing Range (B1) and the Linen Room (2F).

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