What do I do with a filled colossal black soul gem?

Can black soul gems be reused?

Azura’s Star can hold up to a Grand Soul Gem but is restricted to monsters and other non-humanoids. … This item is a reusable Black Soul Gem that can capture humanoid-type mobs and also normal souls; captured souls grant enchantments up to a Grand Soul Gem level.

How do you fill a black soul gem with Falion?

Once a soul gem is acquired from one necromancer, simply cast Soul trap on another necromancer to fill it up to make Fort Snowhawk the one stop shop. Return to Morthal and speak with Falion, giving him the filled black soul gem.

Do black soul gems disappear after use?

With the exception of Azura’s Star and The Black Star, using a filled soul gem always destroys it.

Are soul gems single use?

Because there’s no way to re-use soul gems, Azura’s Star is the only one that can be used multiple times. Oblivion’s Foe used to cover this, but it was changed to doubling Soul Trap’s damage.

Can you soul trap a dragon in Skyrim?

You can’t soul trap a dragon in Skyrim because they’re obviously too powerful to have their soul be contained in a soul gem, however shouldn’t Azura’s Star be powerful enough to hold the soul of a dragon? … You can’t soul trap a dragon’s soul with a soul gem because they don’t have a soul anymore.

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How do you get filled soul gems in Oblivion?

An easy way of filling soul gems is to summon your own creature, such as a demon, skeleton or zombie, and capture their soul. This will save time and energy, but it may take a while for your magicka to recover due to the large cost of summoning a high-level creature and then casting a soul trap spell on it.

Are black soul gems reusable oblivion?

It functions as a unique, reusable Soul Gem which is not consumed when used for enchanting or for recharging enchanted items. It can hold any creature’s soul, up to and including those of Grand level. However, a Black Soul Gem is required to capture sentient souls.