What did Ruby Bridges do at 6?

What did Ruby Bridges do in 1965?

Slide 1: Ruby Bridges: A Simple Act of Courage

This seemingly ordinary act was, in fact, historic: Ruby and three other girls were the first African American students to integrate all-white schools in New Orleans.

What was Ruby Bridges early career?

Ruby Bridges worked as a travel agent before becoming a stay-at-home mother. In 1993 she began working as parent liaison at the grade school she had attended, and in 1999 she formed the Ruby Bridges Foundation to promote tolerance and unity.

What happened to Ruby Bridges son?

At 17, Ruby Bridges had a son, Craig, the first of four. The night of last July 4, he was shot to death on the streets of New Orleans. No one was arrested, Bridges says; “I think that it’s probably very, very hard to pick that investigation back up after the storm.” His death was both horrible and familiar.

What is one reason why Ruby Bridges is a role model?

She is such a great role model to kids our age because she teaches us not to judge people by what they look like and to get to know the person before deciding if you want to start a friendship or not. Also, she has inspired a book called The Ruby Briges Story, written by Robert Coles.

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