What details in the opening chapter about Jewel foreshadow his personality?

What details stand out about this first chapter What is Darl’s language style which person is his main focus?

Which person is his main focus? Darls language is somewhat elevated—he uses phrases like “rigid gravity.” He describes the field, cottonhouse, wagon, and coffin with precise, unemotional language. He says that the coffin is the best his mother, Addie, could want this is his remark about his own mother’s dying.

What does the repeated phrase One lick less mean?

Notice that Darl describes the sound of Cash’s adze as “Chuck,” while Jewel hears “One lick less.” He imagines that every swing of the adze means that the distance to Addie’s death is made one lick less; he is chipping away her life.

What is unusual about Darl’s description of Jewel and his horse in the barn?

In this quote, Darl describes Jewel’s strange relationship with the horse as if the wild nature of the horse and Jewel’s hard, unemotional character seem to balance each other. … Darl describes Jewel, pinpointing his hard demeanor and describing the favoritism he gets from their mother.

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What is Jewels secret in As I Lay Dying?

Because Jewel is unable to express his love for his mother, he substitutes all of his love for the horse. Thus, later we get from Darl the accusation that Jewel’s mother is a horse. We eventually learn that Jewel is the “cross” that Addie bears and that he is to be her salvation.

How does Anse feel about Jewel?

Anse thinks that Jewel has no love for his mother and no respect for her. … He mentions that once when Anse was young, he was sick “from working in the sun” and now believes that if he ever sweats he will die. But Darl knows that Anse uses this excuse to cover up for his laziness.

What details are used to show the difference between the Bundren family and the Tull family as far as social position?

The Bundrens are a poor family in the rural South, and there are a few details from the book that denote their poverty. In contrast, their neighbors the Tulls are a wealthier family, they have means and run successful businesses, and are less neurotic—leaving them more time to be successful.

Who is jewels dad As I Lay Dying?

Addie Bundren – Addie is the wife of Anse and the mother of Cash, Darl, Jewel, Dewey Dell, and Vardaman. Anse Bundren – Anse is Addie’s widower, the father of all the children but Jewel.

Why does Jewel want Jefferson?

She is desperate to go to Jefferson, but the main reason is not to bury her mother, but to get an abortion. If her main reason for going to Jefferson is to respect her mother, she would not insist the body continue to be kept aboveground for this long.

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What does Vardaman want in As I Lay Dying?

He thought his mother was still alive. If she’s still alive, then she needs air, and she can’t get air when the coffin is nailed close over her. So the answer is to put some holes in the box.

How does Jewel get his horse?

Jewel’s history: he secretly worked overnight for months on Quick’s forty-acre field to earn his horse. Jewel returns from the fields with Darl, taller and soldier-like, stepping through cottonhouse windows. He goes straight into the pasture after getting home, whistles for his horse.

How did Jewel react to Addies death?

Jewel’s reaction to Addie’s death is highly emotional. He almost single-handedly muscles the coffin into the wagon, and loudly curses his various siblings—actions that indicate a very strong physical and mental reaction.

What does jewels horse symbolize?

To us, based on Darl’s word, the horse is a symbol of Jewel’s love for his mother. For Jewel, however, the horse, based on his riding of it, apparently symbolizes a hard-won freedom from the Bundren family.