What country imports the most jewelry?

Which country buys the most Jewellery?

Gold Jewelry Consumption Q4 2019

Rank Country Tonnes
1 India 136.6
2 China 132.1
3 U.S. 34.8
4 UAE 11.5

What countries import jewelry?

Imports In 2019 the top importers of Jewellery were Switzerland ($16.6B), Hong Kong ($15.3B), United Arab Emirates ($15.2B), United States ($9.83B), and United Kingdom ($5.64B). Tariffs In 2018 the average tariff for Jewellery was 13.3%, making it the 259th lowest tariff using the HS4 product classification.

What country is the largest exporter of jewelry?

Searchable List of Jewelry Exporting Countries in 2020

Rank Exporter Jewelry Exports (US$)
1. Switzerland $8,105,029,000
2. China $7,985,962,000
3. India $7,657,647,000
4. Hong Kong $6,327,658,000

Which country buys the most diamonds?

Searchable List of Diamonds Importing Countries in 2020

Rank Importer 2019-20
1. India -27.9%
2. United States -38.2%
3. Hong Kong -35.6%
4. Belgium -23.3%

Who is the largest importer of gold?

Searchable List of Gold Importing Countries in 2020

Rank Importer 2019-20
1. United Kingdom +24.7%
2. Switzerland +44.9%
3. United States +258.1%
4. Turkey +123.5%

Which country gold is best quality?

Hong Kong, China

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It also amongst the most active markets for gold trading across the globe and is a rate setter for many places. Considering this dominant position of Hong Kong, purchasing gold jewelry in high quality from there could a good deal.

Why does the UK export so much gold?

London is the global trade hub for the gold trade and the gold trade volume is always large irrespective of the standard used to record the trade volume. This large number easily fudges the trade figure of the UK.

What country exports the most silver?

Searchable List of Silver Exporting Countries in 2020

Rank Exporter Silver Exports (US$)
1. United Kingdom $3,754,155,000
2. Hong Kong $3,017,630,000
3. China $2,469,317,000
4. Mexico $2,090,256,000

Which country is among the top export destination for gems and Jewellery?

India’s top export destinations for gems and jewelry are US, Europe, Japan and China. US accounts for nearly one-fourth of the country’s total gems and jewelry export. The Government of India is aiming at US$ 80 billion in jewellery export over the next five years from 2019.

Who is the largest exporter of diamonds?

In 2020, India was the largest exporter of diamonds worldwide, amounting to a total value of 15.2 billion U.S. dollars. This compared to the 10.5 billion U.S. dollars of diamonds exported by the Hong Kong that year, ranked second.