What causes a diamond to have a nail head?

What causes a nailhead diamond?

If a diamond is cut too deep the light will be reflected off the bottom of the stone at the wrong angle, rather than back to your eyes. This will make it appear smaller from the top and can result in a dark shape appearing in the center of the stone. This is known as a ‘nailhead’.

What can make a diamond look like it has a bullet hole?

18) D – Culet – If the Culet is large it can look like a Bullet Hole in your Diamond!

Is a Culet good or bad?

Culet is an important factor in a diamond’s light performance and light leakage; therefore, it affects the diamond’s cut grade. None: There is no opening under the pavilion so light cannot leak from the culet and is reflected back. This is a requirement for excellent cut grade diamonds.

How precisely opposite sides of the diamond match is considered when judging?

Symmetry and polish must be ideal, too, or at least close to it.) The main concern with symmetry is how precisely opposite sides of the diamond match. This is judged from different views – crown, pavilion, and profile. Another consideration is the pre- cision of facet shape and placement.

What can destroy a diamond?

Diamonds aren’t forever. They can get lost, they can be fried in a torch, and they can be shattered to smithereens in a hydraulic press. For their latest video, the people over at the Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube got a beautiful 1.2 carat diamond, which they promptly destroyed.

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What can pierce diamond?

Using these imperfect stones as cutting grit belies the main theory: only a diamond can truly cut another diamond. Diamonds are cut with specialized tools that make use of diamond tipped phosphor bronze or diamond dusted steel blades.