What can I equip for Emerald Weapon?

What is the easiest way to beat Emerald Weapon?

For an easy way to beat Emerald Weapon, the player can have a character equip HP Absorb, Knights of Round, Counter, Mime. With W-Summon and two stars on the Materia, they can summon it twice.

What is Ruby Weapon weak against?

Ruby Weapon seems extremely resistant to physical attacks, so you’ll need to plan a primarily magical assault. Ruby Weapon’s Achilles’ heel is its weakness against Paralysis. … If you have Knights of Round or Master Summon, you’ll be able to use an attack pattern similar to the one described for Emerald Weapon.

What is the hardest boss in Final Fantasy 7?

Hell House makes for a relatively dangerous random encounter in the original Final Fantasy VII, but the Remake takes things to another level entirely. Rather than a regular enemy, Hell House is now a major boss in Chapter 9 and by far the single hardest fight in the main game.

Is there a Emerald Sword in Minecraft?

A single emerald sword deals two hearts more of damage than a diamond sword and has twice the durability (3124 hits). It can kill most mobs in one hit. … The only mob that spawns holding this sword is Ender Steve.

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What is the best armor in ff7?

The Chain Bangle is the best armor in the game, boasting excellent stats and materia slots. This armor is great on Cloud, who you will be using practically all the time, as well as Aerith, who will need as many slots as she can get.

What does the underwater materia do?

Underwater is an Independent Materia in Final Fantasy VII. It removes the 20:00 timer when fighting Emerald Weapon, allowing the player to fight the boss as long as they want.

What does HP absorb Materia work with?

HP Absorb can be paired with all Magic and Summon Materia, as well as Steal, Sense, Throw, Morph, Deathblow, Manipulate, Mime and Master Command.

How does summon work?

W-Summon allows the user to cast two Summons in one turn (consuming MP both times). Though it comes with no stat changes or any other penalties, the Summon Materia equipped come with major changes, meaning that the player should give it to spellcasters with a strong Magic stat that benefit from the stats.