What are colored diamonds made from?

Do colored diamonds occur naturally?

Natural colored diamonds are extremely rare. The ratio of colorless diamonds to colored diamonds is said to be 1 to 10,000. To be more blunt, it means that a mere 0.0001% of the diamonds that are mined are natural colored diamonds.

Can colored diamonds be lab grown?

Like mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds are available in different carat, color, clarity, and cut. Lab grown diamonds will contain minor internal or visible inclusions, comparable to the purest mined diamonds.

Are colored diamonds a good investment?

Colorless diamonds are generally best for gifts, he said, while colored diamonds (pink, yellow, etc.) can be “assets with highly attractive investment” potential. Prices for a number of smaller colorless diamonds have fallen, while those for many colored diamonds have been stronger.

Where are colored diamonds found?

The most well-known historical and current sources of fancy color diamonds are India, South Africa, and Australia. Other diamond mine locations, including Brazil, Venezuela, Guyana, and Indonesia, also produce fancy color diamonds.

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