Should I buy a sapphire engagement ring?

Can we wear blue sapphire as engagement ring?

Choosing the Perfect Ring Setting

If you do decide to opt for a sapphire engagement ring, you then have to choose your ring setting to match your stone. Blue sapphires are commonly paired with small colorless diamonds and are especially stunning in halo and three stone settings in white metals.

How common are sapphire engagement rings?

There’s no doubt that diamonds are the most popular stone choice for engagement rings, but 11% of brides still prefer gemstones. Of them, 20% opt for sapphires.

What is blue sapphire good for?

Wearing the Blue Sapphire provides protection against theft, terror, accidents, and problems caused due to natural calamities like storms, fire etc. Therefore blue sapphire acts like a shield protecting the person from all dangers.

Are sapphires as strong as diamonds?

The only crystal harder than corundum (sapphire) is a diamond (cubic crystal structure). … Ranked 1-10, with diamonds being the hardest mineral at a 10, sapphires are ranked just below at a 9 on the scale. When two mineral samples are compared, whichever mineral scratches the other is the harder mineral.

Is sapphire more rare than diamond?

Sapphires are much rarer than diamonds, but not as rare as gem-quality emeralds or rubies. However, there are some types of sapphire that are dramatically rare, such as the orange and pink padparadscha sapphire. These outrank even the emerald and the ruby.

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