Quick Answer: How much was the necklace actually worth?

How much is Mme Forestier’s necklace really worth?

At the end of the story, Madame Loisel discovered that Madame Forestier’s necklace was an imitation that was only worth five hundred francs.

What was the actual worth of the necklace borrowed by Mathilde?

It took ten years for Mathilde and Loisel to repay the cost of the necklace. What was the actual cost of the necklace? Answer: The actual cost of the necklace was only five hundred francs.

How did the Loisels pay off the debt?

The Loisels had to buy a diamond necklace for thirty-six thousand francs to replace the one that was lost. Matilda had to cut down on the household expenses and save money while Mr Loisel worked overtime and did copying work at nights. In this way, they could repay the money in ten years.

How much did the replaced necklace cost?

They continue to look for the necklace. After a week, Monsieur Loisel says they have to see about replacing it. They visit many jewelers, searching for a similar necklace, and finally find one. It costs 40,000 francs, although the jeweler says he will give it to them for 36,000.

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How much did Madame Loisel’s dress cost?

M. Loisel doesn’t know what to do, and offers to buy his wife a dress, so long as it’s not too expensive. Mathilde asks for 400 francs, and he agrees.

Was Madame Forestier a popular guest at the ball?


Madame Loisel was a popular guest at the ball. Dressed in a beautiful gown and bedecked in the borrowed necklace, she finally feels as if she’s in her element; this is illustrated by her behavior. Mme.

How long do Mathilde and her husband live the difficult life?

live the difficult life? 10 years.

How much did the necklace at Palais Royale cost?

In a shop of the Palais-Royal, they found a chaplet of diamonds, which seemed to them exactly like the one they had lost. It was valued at forty thousand francs. They could get it for thirty-six thousand.

Who was the hack driver actually?

The hack driver was none other than Oliver Lutkins whom the lawyer had to give court summons. He cunningly extracted from the lawyer his purpose of visit and took advantage of it and took him to different places charging high fares.