Quick Answer: How do you keep wire jewelry from bending?

How do you make wire jewelry stronger?

If you have multiple pieces of jewellery that need work hardening, you can use a barrelling machine! It’s best to work harden your jewellery before working on it, however popping them into a barrelling machine will harden the outer layer of the metal and make it stronger.

How do I make my jewelry wire not sharp?

Using sandpaper or a file works well to get rid of those painful sharp pointy bits, but having the right tools certainly speeds up the process, which is great when you’re making more than one pair! Using a wire rounder tool like this one is simple.

What tool is used to flatten wires?

The chasing hammer, also known as repousse hammer is great for creating texture on your wire jewellery. You can use the flat side of the hammer to flatten wire up to 1.5mm.

What wire is best for wire wrapping?

The best wire gauge for wrapping stones is the 20-gauge wire. It is neither too hard to bend nor too soft to lose its shape easily. What jewelry projects can I do with wire-wrapping?

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