Quick Answer: How do you get green gems in DST?

How do you spawn green gems in Ark?

To spawn Green Gem, use the command: admincheat summon None. To spawn using the GFI command, please see the GFI command. The Class Name for Green Gem is PrimalItemResource_Gem_Fertile_C. The Item ID for Green Gem on Resources is None.

Where can I find blue Gems in DST?

Blue Gems can be obtained from Graves and as a drop from Blue Hounds on the Surface World, from Earthquakes and Stalagmites in Caves, and from Ancient Statues and Ornate Chests in Ruins.

What do you use ashes for in dont starve?

Ashes are an ingredient for crafting Healing Salve. Moleworms will eat them like rocks. Mobs that are killed by fire will drop Ashes in place of any flammable item in their loot table or the cooked version of their Meats.

What crystals are light green?

Shades of Green and Aqua

Gemstone Color
”Jasper,” Peridot Light green
Peridot Green
Prehnite Light green
Quartz, Green Green
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