Quick Answer: How do you get Diamond choices?

What are keys for in choices?

Keys: Keys are required to unlock the next chapter in books, and a maximum of two keys can be stored at a time (unless the player has a VIP subscription).

How much is Pixelberry worth?

Pixelberry Studios’s estimated annual revenue is currently $24.2M per year.

Will choices VIP books be released to everyone?

Hello Choices Community, We have news about VIP: All new books for the rest of 2021 will be launched through VIP Early Access, followed by a Wide Release to the rest of our players around each mid-book mark (refer to image).

How old should you be to play choices?

While free to download, Choices: Stories You Play is driven by in-app purchases and in-app advertising. This app is rated for users 12 years of age and older. Choices is similar to The Sims, in the sense that players take on the personality of their character and make decisions that influence how the story plays out.

Is choices a bad game?

Good but Extremely Expensive. I think you shouldn’t really encourage your kids to play this game, even though it’s advertised to kids; the game has some amazing stories, but it can be extremely expensive. … Basically, it’s good; but don’t let your kids play it, it has sexual references scattered around.

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What is the fastest way to get keys in choices?

However, there’s only one way to get keys on Choices: waiting for a minimum of three hours. You can also get the maximum number of free keys by playing the game often. If you have only one key left when playing Choices, a timer begins to read automatically. The game stops when the timer reaches zero.