Question: What is a good girdle for a diamond?

What is the best girdle for oval diamond?

Oval Cut Diamond – Cut Quality Recommendations

Excellent Good
Table % 53-63 51 or 66-68
Depth % 58-62 53-55.9 or 66.1-71
Girdle Very Thin – Slightly Thick Very Thin – Thick
Culet None Small

Is a Culet good or bad?

Culet is an important factor in a diamond’s light performance and light leakage; therefore, it affects the diamond’s cut grade. None: There is no opening under the pavilion so light cannot leak from the culet and is reflected back. This is a requirement for excellent cut grade diamonds.

What is the perfect diamond proportions?

Ideal Cut Diamond Proportions

Best Diamond Proportions for Round Brilliant Diamonds<
Depth Percentage 59 to 62.6%
Table Percantage 54 to 57%
Girdle Thickness Thin to Slightly Thick
Culet None to Pointed

Are IGI diamonds good?

While IGI is a reliable lab, it is still not as strong as GIA. … Moreover, buying an IGI diamond with lab reports from their more established labs in the U.S. and Europe might be a good ideal. It is also important to note that IGI is not as inconsistent in low grade diamonds as they are in high grade diamonds.

Is color or clarity more important in an oval diamond?

Ovals tend to show more color than rounds, particular near their shallow edges. Therefore, consider a slightly higher color when choosing an oval cut diamond to make sure the edges look clear. Learn more about diamond pricing, including how the diamond shape affects typical prices for a 1 carat stone.

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