Question: What does it mean when someone is a gem?

When a woman is a gem?

She is wonderful. Gems are beautiful and sparkling. This expression compares the girl to a gem.

What does gems mean in slang?

Hi Glenda, gem has a slang meaning and it means something very positive,great. But there is also a ‘GEM’ that is an abbreviation for Green-eyed-monster and that has a negative meaning. It could refer to a very jealous person or jealousy itself.

Is it correct to say gem of a person?

Senior Member. Both the examples are correct, in respect of say a (nice) car you could easily say “That’s a gem of a car”. Gem is also an abbreviation for gemstone, for example a diamond, ruby or emerald.

What does it mean to call someone a rare gem?

adj. 1 not widely known; not frequently used or experienced; uncommon or unusual.

What is a gem girl?

GEM, Girls Empowering Movement, is a statewide initiative to increase physical activity and fitness levels of Georgia’s middle school girls AND motivate almost 200,000 girls to get moving and engage their communities by taking action to implement physical activity programs that are designed by girls, for girls.

What is a gem boy?

The Gem Boy Zero is the Game Boy Pocket you never had. … The little Game Boy-shaped handheld features a 1.44-inch colored screen, protected by a laser-cut acrylic bezel. The shell was created by Wermy and 3D-printed using a resin printer, such as the Elegoo Mars 3.

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What is gem in Latin?

More Latin words for gem. gemma noun. jewel, bud, precious stone, burgeon, goblet.

What do you call someone who likes gems?

The word lapidary relates to precious stones, especially the things people do with them such as cut, polish, and set them in a fancy bracelet. … A lot of lapidary work involves making jewelry, but doing inscriptions in monuments is also lapidary. Someone who collects precious or rare stones has a lapidary hobby.

What does a little gem mean?

a. Something that is valued for its beauty or perfection: a little gem of a book. b. A beloved or highly prized person.