Question: Is Ruby from on my block Puerto Rican?

Is Ruby from on my block Dominican?

Ruby Martinez is played by Jason Genao

The 25-year-old Dominican-born American actor is probably most known for his role as Napoleon in Netflix’s The Get Down. He’s also had roles in Logan and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

What ethnicity is Monse from on my block?

Q. 5 What race is Monse from On My Block? Ans. She is Afro-Latina descent.

Does Ruby get a girlfriend on my block?

Ultimately, Ruby and Jasmine do not end up together but they do attend prom as each other’s dates. Despite the audience’s wishes, Ruby and Jasmine were maybe always better off as friends. On My Block Seasons 1 to 4 are streaming on Netflix now.

What is Ruby’s real name from on my block?

Was Spooky killed?

Oscar “Spooky” Diaz, played by Selena: The Series star Julio Macias, was the first tragic death in On My Block Season 4. … However, things did not go to plan as Cesar was shot dead on his doorstep in a drive-by shooting. He died in Cesar’s arms.

What language does Sierra Capri speak?

Her Zodiac Sign is Virgo. She can speak Spanish and English. She appeared in Hidden Figures (2016). Her favorite color when growing up was pink, but now it is blue.

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Does Diego Tinoco speak Spanish?

Diego, who grew up speaking Spanish as his first language, says it took him a long time to realize “how much [Latinos] weren’t represented in the TV community because you’re like, ‘This is normal for the main star of the show to have blonde hair and blue eyes.