Question: How is spinel different from Ruby?

Is spinel better than ruby?

Red spinel generally has better clarity than ruby and treatments are not used to enhance their color; being singly refractive (the only other stones that are, are diamond and garnet) they have a higher dispersion which can display a fire that can’t be compared but they are not as hard as ruby, being an 8 on the MOHS …

Is spinel more valuable than ruby?

Gem-quality red and blue spinels are very rare. They are much less abundant than rubies and sapphires of similar quality and color. Even with equivalent beauty and greater rarity, their prices are much lower than ruby and sapphire. The lower price is an example of how rarity has not set the price.

Is spinel rarer than ruby?

You may be surprised to know that spinel is rarer than ruby, but this has not affected its price (yet). Although spinel is still less expensive than ruby, the market for spinel has been increasing.

Are rubies spinels?

Many of the world’s most famous “rubies” are, in fact, spinels. The magnificent red gemstones that are the showpieces of several European state crowns are actually spinels. Detrimentally to spinels, that information has never been corrected.

Is spinel August birthstone?

The spinel gemstone (pronounced spin-elle) is joining peridot as an August birthstone! The new August birthstone is a magnificent beauty that offers more color options to August babies.

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Why is spinel so expensive?

Nevertheless, spinel’s price, even in those cases, is still lower than the price of sapphire and ruby. Color is an important factor that defines spinel’s price – red spinel is rarer than other varieties, and also more expensive; blue exemplars are the second rarest spinel gems.

Where are the best spinels from?

The best red, pink and orange spinels originate from the rich gem gravels of Burma’s Mogok Stone Tract. The best blue and violet spinels are found in Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Gem spinel is also found in Vietnam, the Pamir mountains of Tajikistan, Tanzania and Madagascar.

Is spinel a precious gemstone?

One of the lesser-known, yet also one of the most precious gems in the world is the black spinel.