Question: How do you fix a kinked necklace chain?

How do you keep metal chain from twisting?

Clip a swivel hook to each end of your chain, securing one end to your eyebolt and the other to your dog’s collar. The swiveling action of the hooks allows the chain to twist and turn as your dog moves, and prevents it from kinking.

What is a kink in a chain?

: a tight bend or curl in something (such as a rope or hose) — usually + in. There was a kink in the chain.

What does a serpentine necklace look like?

Serpentine. The serpentine chain is formed from S-shaped links that have been flattened and attached together at the tip of each link. Together, the links form a flexible chain that can be worn as a shorter princess length, or even as a rope or lariat.

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