Question: Can you fix diamond cut alloys?

How many times can a diamond cut alloy wheel be refurbished?

Generally speaking, you can repair or recut your alloy wheels 1 to 2 times. However, the technician working on your alloy wheels will be able to advise you accordingly.

Can Diamond cut alloys be polished?

You’ll struggle to keep the diamond cut finish if using any abrasives. As you say, you can always get them flatter and flatter up to 1500 grit, and then polish from there to a mirror finish.

How do you look after diamond cut alloys?

They should be cleaned with a mild shampoo. Do not use acid or alkaline-based wheel cleaners – this will help to avoid any discolouration of the wheel. Diamond cut wheels also generally have pretty harsh edges so it’s best to use an air blower (if you have one), rather than cloths.

How do you clean a diamond cut alloy?

Use a mild shampoo as they don’t contain harsh chemicals found in wheel shampoos. Using a wheel brush dunk it in a bucket of the water/shampoo mix and clean between the spokes, inside the wheel and then across the face of the wheel. Working from top to bottom. Don’t press too hard!

How long does it take to refurb diamond cut alloys?

Traditional wheel refurbishers can take up to 7 days to repair diamond cut alloys, however, this is where DA Techs can make the difference to you! Most vehicle owners cannot afford to have their car off the road for days on end whilst wheel refurbishments are carried out.

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Can you refurbish polished alloys?

For polished alloy wheels. With this system you can effectively repair kerbed, scratched or corroded alloy wheels at a very low cost per repair. Obviously the price of any wheel repair is proportional with the size of the damage, but one thing is certain: repairing polished wheels generates valuable business.