Question: Can you breed gem dragons in the rift?

Can you breed gem dragons in Rift?

Notes. Gemstone dragons cannot breed with any dragon. On June 15, 2016, Gemstone dragons were able to breed with other dragons at the Breeding Cave, Epic Breeding Island, and the Cooperative Breeding Cave for a limited time.

What dragons can only be bred in the rift?

14) The rift introduced 5 Dragons that can only be bred inside the rift (Antumbra, Ghast, Kampos, Plumewing, and Zaffer).

Can you breed Gemstone dragons whenever?

Here is a guide to breed the gemstone dragons from May-December. All gemstone dragons have an incubation time of 31 hours. Keep in mind that getting a gemstone dragon has slim chances, but if you have the Epic Breeding Island, your chances increase. Also, Gemstone dragons cannot breed with any other dragons.

How do I breed a starlight dragon?

Starlight has the Plant, Fire, Cold, and Air elements. So either an Elder of one of those four, or a basic/rare elemental hybrid of two of those four will give you the least failbreeds.

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