Is vs SI diamonds real?

Are VS diamonds good quality?

VS1 clarity diamonds are the highest quality diamonds, at least from a clarity perspective, in the VS grading range. A VS1 diamond will have very slight inclusions that are invisible to the naked eye and can typically only be seen under bright lighting and 10x magnification.

What is diamond clarity VS SI?

Clarity from FL to VS have an affect on the value of the diamond, but do not have an affect on the unmagnified appearance. SI clarity diamonds should not have inclusions visible to the naked eye, when viewed through the crown. While SI does have inclusions, they are usually “eye-clean”, so provide an excellent value.

Are SI diamonds better than VVS?

VS clarity grade diamonds are very popular because of its lower price tag when compared to VVS diamonds, and its high quality when compared to SI diamonds whose flaws are easily seen in some cases.

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