Is Ad grade diamond good?

Is AD color diamond rare?

Sometimes called white diamonds, D color diamonds are the rarest of all diamonds because they’re completely clear and reflect the most light, making them the most sought-after stones on the market.

Is Pompeii3 a good brand?

Pompeii3 has the worst reviews of any jewelry brand I’ve researched—and that’s saying a lot. Not a single review site I found gives the brand three stars or better. On WeddingWire, Pompeii3 has 2.9 stars based on 114 reviews. Only 59% of couples would recommend it—a very low number.

Is VVS better than VS?

The main difference between VVS and VS clarity is the size of inclusions. VVS (Very, Very Slightly Included) and VS (Very Slightly Included) are the next two grading ranges. (You should remember that VVS denotes higher quality than VS.) The bottom two grades on the scale are Slightly Included (SI) and Included (I).

What clarity diamond should I buy?

For diamonds over 2 carats, a clarity grade of VS2 or higher is the safest bet for avoiding any signs of visible inclusions. In diamonds between 1 and 2 carats, clarity grades of SI1 or better will not have inclusions easily visible to the naked eye.

Which Diamond color is better G or I?

The difference that a G color makes to your diamond’s beauty is less noticeable than the difference that cut quality makes. But if you want an almost colorless diamond at an accessible price point, G-color is a good choice for your diamond.

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