How much is a real diamond play button worth?

How much is a diamond play button worth?

The tradition of sending a silver play button for 100 thousand subscribers, a gold play button for 1 million subscribers, a diamond play button for 10 million, and a custom button for 50 million is YouTube’s iconic move. Though they might appear to be simple, each play button costs hefty, and it’s not a joke.

Is the diamond play button made out of real diamonds?

Like the other subscriber plaques, the Diamond Play Button is designed to resemble the YouTube Play Button logo. It made out of silver-plated metal insets with a large piece of crystal.

How many YouTubers got the diamond play button?

6.8 IN. 1.5 IN. YouTube was created. The Diamond Play Button was announced, with 35 YouTubers already eligible.

How much did PewDiePie sell his ruby play button for?

The anonymous YouTuber revealed that Pewdiepie’s prized possession, the ruby play button had received the highest bid of £1 million. The YouTube star had received his ruby play button in December 2016 when his Channel became the first on YouTube to cross the 50 million mark.

Did Blackpink get a ruby play button?

K-pop girl group BLACKPINK emerged as the most subscribed Korean YouTube channel with over 50 million, earning them the Custom Creator Award or “Ruby Play Button.” As such, they are the first Korean channel to receive the “Ruby Play Button” award from YouTube, given to channels that reach 50 million subscribers.

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