How much does a diamond drill cost?

What is a diamond drill bit for?

Diamond drill bits are used for drilling holes through tough non wood surfaces such as stone, marble and granite. Small pieces of diamond powder that is embedded into the drill give the tool its high cutting power.

How deep can a diamond drill go?

The planned 1,600-metre diamond drill hole will be the deepest one drilled to date at the Buriticá project and will span a final vertical depth of more than 2,000 metres below surface.

Do drills have diamonds?

Diamond is commonly used in the petroleum and mining industries. Diamond drill bits and coring bits are used for oil well drilling and obtaining core samples. Diamond is also incorporated into circular saws that are used for cutting slabs of marble, granite, and other types of extremely hard stone from quarried blocks.

What is a diamond head drill bit?

A diamond drill bit is a helpful tool when it comes to making holes in hard non-wood surfaces such as ceramic, porcelain, glass, stone, marble and granite. … The smallest diamond drill bits are used by jewelers and watchmakers to make holes in beads and other hard surfaces.

Are diamond drill bits actually diamond?

The makeup of these drill bits consists of real diamond powder, pressed onto the steel using this very high pressure. Diamond, being the hardest substance, still maintains its heavy cutting power after the process, and the drill bits come in different sizes.

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How fast is diamond drilling?

Typical penetration rates vary anywhere from 2 ipm to 12 ipm depending on bit formula and formation. As formations become harder, the penetration rate should be reduced to achieve good bit life. In extremely broken, hard ground, drill at half RPM and weight on bit sufficient to reach 1 to 2 ipm (3 to 5 cpm).

How much does exploration drilling cost?

“Exploration companies currently using diamond drilling technology can expect to reduce costs from as much as $400/metre rate to as little as $50/metre rate with the CT rig.”

Are diamonds rare?

Diamonds are not particularly rare. In fact, compared to other gemstones, they’re the most common precious stone found. Generally, the cost per carat (or weight of a gemstone) is based upon a stone’s rarity; the rarer the stone, the more expensive.

Why is diamond a good drill head?

Diamonds possess many properties that make them superb for drilling. … Diamond is the toughest naturally occurring material. Its structure possesses an unrivalled level of strong covalent bonds. This makes it extremely tough and therefore perfectly suited to cutting through robust surfaces.

Will a diamond bit cut metal?

Yes, certain diamond blades can cut through metal, but this will depend entirely on the blades application. Most diamond blades are used to cut through concrete, brick, tile, and asphalt. … Usually, each blade is specialized to cut a certain material or hardness of materials.