How much does a 3 carat yellow diamond cost?

Are yellow diamonds worth it?

The yellow diamonds themselves are generally considered a good investment because of the are trends towards coloured jewellery which make them more in demand. … Buying yellow diamond jewellery that is high quality, above two carats, and a pleasing hue of yellow (Fancy Intense or Fancy Vivid) can make a smart investment.

How do you pick a yellow diamond?

So, diamonds with an intense yellow hue will be more valuable than stones with paler colors. Tone is a characteristic describing how dark the hue of a diamond is. The most valuable yellow stones have a tone that underscores their main hue, i.e., they are not too light or too dark.

Is 3 carat diamond good?

A well-cut, stunning 3 Carat Diamond like this one from Blue Nile will capture the heart of the receiver—and all those who view it. Because of its significant carat weight, a 3 Carat Diamond offers extraordinary capacity for brilliance, sparkle and fire.

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