How many gems is a legendary worth?

How much is a legendary chest worth clash Royale?

Namely, 5 gold for each COMMON card, 50 gold for each RARE card, 500 gold for each EPIC card and 20000 gold for each LEGENDARY card.

How rare is a legendary in a gold chest?

Legendary Card Drop Rate

Type of Chest Legendary Factor Legendary Droprate
Gold 5700 0.27%
Giant 10000 1.23%
Magical 600 7.68%
Super Magical 600 46.06%

Are legendary kings chest worth it?

No way. Spend them on challenges. Even if you can get a consistent 5 wins on grand challenges, you would still get over 3600 cards and 20,000 gold.

Are quests still in clash Royale?

QUESTS are being removed in the next update and the rewards added to Clan Wars 2 instead.

What is the chance of getting a mega lightning chest?

Chests from the cycle

Arena 15 Leg. factor LF Leg. chance
Gold 588 – 672 4000 0.68%
Magical 1696 300 22.71%
Giant 3339 10000 2.39%
Mega Lightning 8586 600 100% + 2.21%¹
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