How is the necklace a tragic story?

What is the problem of the necklace story?

Mathilde’s first problem in Guy de Maupassant’s “The Necklace” is that she is disatisfied with her position in life. She wants to have expensive clothes and jewels, but her husband cannot afford to provide these things for her. The Loisels are not poor, but they are not of the social status that Mathilde wants.

What is the suspense of the necklace?

suspense: In the story there is suspense when Mathilde Loisel loses the necklace and can not find it. symbolism: The necklace Mathilde Loisel is wearing represents symbolism because it shows how Mathilde Loisel wants to be rich and how she wants to live.

What type of conflict is the necklace?

There are two primary conflicts in Guy De Maupassant’s short story “The Necklace,” which are the individual versus the self and the individual versus society. Mathilde Loisel’s internal and external conflicts stem from her social status, her feelings of inadequacy, and society’s expectations.

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What does the necklace symbolize in the story?

The most significant symbol in the story is the necklace itself, which is no surprise given the story’s title. The necklace represents everything that Mathilde wants and does not have, all the material possessions of a finer life.

What tragic mistake did Mathilde and her husband make?

Losing the necklace had seemed to be Mathilde’s fatal mistake, but it was actually Mathilde’s failure to be truthful with Madame Forestier that sealed her fate.

How was it solved the problem in the story the necklace?

Loisel solved his problem by advising her to request her friend, Mme Forestier to lend her some jewels. … Matilda borrowed a marvellous diamond necklace from her friend to attend a ball. Unfortunately, she lost it. Unable to find the diamond necklace, the Loisels had to replace it with a new one.

What is the external conflict of the story The Necklace?

The external conflict in the short story The Necklace is that Madame Loisel has to find a way to replace the necklace. She believed that the necklace is very valuable and can not figure out what they should do. Mme. Loisel and Monsieur Loisel had to go find the replica of the necklace she had lost after the party.

What is the tone and mood of the story The Necklace?

The tone of the short story “The Necklace” is pessimistic and ironic.

What is the protagonist of the story The Necklace?

Mathilde Loisel

The protagonist of the story. Mathilde has been blessed with physical beauty but not with the affluent lifestyle she yearns for, and she feels deeply discontented with her lot in life.

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How did Mathilde’s life change after she lost The Necklace?

The result was that she grew coarse, bitter, and overwhelmed with these things. Her beauty disappeared, and she became essentially an angry and ugly person. We know that all of this was totally unnecessary. The jewels she had borrowed were fake in the first place and there was nothing to be in need of replacement.