How do you use Diamond Dust Sugar Art?

How do you use diamond dust on chocolate?

Color Dusts should be applied to the dry surface of the chocolate after the condensation from the refrigerator or freezer has evaporated. The dusts can be applied dry with a soft blush brush or q-tip.

How do you mix sugar art elite colors?

Master Elites + Royal Icing

  1. Use very little powder in your royal icing. …
  2. Activate the powder in 2-3 drops of water, mixing the color crystals and allowing them to dissolve.
  3. Add the mixture to your main batch of icing and mix thoroughly.

How do you adhere diamond dust?

Instead of spray glue, try using PVA glue or hot glue. If you find these adhesives do not dry completely clear and do not offer the desired effect, there is diamond dust specific glue called Diamond Glaze which seems to be popular among crafters if you’ll be using diamond dust frequently.

Do you seal diamond dust?

Made from finely ground glass, Diamond Dust has a brilliant, reflective sheen that twinkles when it catches light. Easily apply it to any surface using clear-drying glue and sealer. … Easily apply it to any surface using clear-drying glue and sealer.

How long does luster dust take to dry?

You could dust dry powder with them though. The better brushes won’t leave nasty streaks when wet. I buy my luster dust at my local cake decor shop. Also, it usually takes maybe 15 minutes or half an hour for the paint to set.

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