How do you measure the width of a necklace chain?

How wide is 8mm chain?

Size Guide

Chain width (in millimeters) Chain width variances (in millimeters)
7.00mm 6.75 – 7.25mm
8.00mm 7.75 – 8.25mm
9.00mm 8.75 – 9.25mm
10.00mm 9.50 – 10.50mm

How do you measure chain size?

To measure the chain size, if you have just the sprocket, use calipers to measure between the teeth. Measure from center to center of where the chain roller would set between the teeth that will give you the pitch. Once you know the pitch you can determine what chain size you would need.

How do I know my chain size?

To determine the pitch (chain size), you’ll need to measure the distance between any three consecutive rivets, then divide the result by 2. The rivets are the small, round pegs/studs that hold the chain segments together. Measure from the first to the third, then divide that number in half to get your chain pitch.

What does 2mm mean in jewelry?

2mm = just over 1/16 inch. 3mm = almost 1/8 inch. 4mm = 5/32 inch (= a bit over 1/8 inch) 5mm = just over 3/16 inch. 6mm = almost 1/4 inch.

How do you measure the width of a rope chain?

Open the jaws of the caliper so that the chain can fit between them. Turn the chain so that the outermost points of the metal wires that make up the rope chain are between the jaws of the caliper and touching the jaws. Close the jaws and read the thickness of the chain on the caliper’s readout.

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What width chain should I get?

After a measurement is obtained, its a good idea to opt for a necklace size that is at least the second size up from your neck size. For example, if you have an 18 inch neck, you should probably choose a chain length of 20 inches or more. An 18 inch chain would feel too tight.

Is 1mm chain too thin?

Most chains are 1mm to 1.5mm, which is sturdy enough to hold most small to medium sized pendants. If you go below 1mm, just keep in mind that a thinner chain is less strong, even if it has a daintier look.

What is a good thickness for a gold chain?

For a clean minimal look, we recommend a 2-3mm chain. This thickness is also the perfect width for a pendant. For someone who wants their chain to stand out a bit more but doesn’t want anything too crazy, a 4-7mm chain is great.