How do you heat treat gemstones?

Can you heat treat sapphires at home?

The easiest way to improve clarity and color of low-grade sapphires is to mimic the natural process and apply heat via an oven or furnace. Heating a sapphire at high temperatures specifically dissolves inclusions known as “silk” and other impurities, making the gemstone more valuable.

How do you tell if a gemstone has been heat treated?

The destruction of gas or fluid inclusions or the dissolving of mineral inclusions are clues to heat treatment. For gems that contain rutile needles, the needle margins may become diffuse. On rubies, inclusions may be found that are glassy in appearance.

Is all tanzanite heat treated?

All tanzanite has to be heated in order to have its distinctive blue color. A very small percentage of tanzanite is excavated already blue; the result of natural heating underground. … * It is important to note that tanzanite is “heated” – not “heat treated”.

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