How do you get acorns and gems in wildcraft?

How do you get acorns fast in wildcraft?

They can only be earned by obtaining duplicate items from Chests. Note that playable animals and home items must be obtained multiple times before you can receive acorns from them. The maximum amount of acorns a player can have is 5,999.

What is the easiest way to get gems in wildcraft?

You can also get one (sometimes two gems in a bonus gift) gem by opening gifts, and can double that by watching an advertisement (in the game menu). However, the easiest way to obtain gems is to get Wild Club which gives 150 gems once purchasing.

How do you get chests in wildcraft?

The Common Chest is the only one that can be opened with Coins, which are gained by killing NPCs. The Epic and Ultimate Chests can be found in the game’s in-app store and can only be opened with Gems. But they can also be opened using Epic or Ultimate keys; the keys which are obtained sometimes by completing quests.

How do you get Mystic skins in wildcraft?

You can get Common, Rare, Legendary, and Mystic skins from Chests, or purchase them with Gems or Acorns (except for Mystic and WildClub, if you don’t have it).

What is the strongest animal in wild craft?

Maximum level (level 200 playable animal)

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Playable animal Health Speed
Cheetah 1816 10350
Horse 2310 9800
Crocodile 2540 7800
Tiger 2282 9800