How do you combine jewelry?

How do you combine jewelries?

7 Tips on How to Combine Your Jewelry with Style …

  1. Mix Metals.
  2. Layer Your Necklaces.
  3. Add Some Color and Texture.
  4. Don’t Mix Big Rings.
  5. Your Clothes Matters a Lot.
  6. Diamonds.
  7. Be Creative.

How do you combine earrings and necklaces?

The pairing is simple: choose a colorful gemstone necklace and pair it with sparkling or colorless earrings. Of course, the reverse is possible too. Choose a sparkling or colorless necklace and pair it with colorful earrings. The difference in color creates a nice contrast that ensures your pairing is fresh and fun.

Can you mix gold and silver mixed?

Wearing silver and gold together creates a classic look. To the fashion experts, this is a perfect pair. Gold is a precious stone, while silver is a sophisticated metal that is easy to style. Combining the two together creates a beautiful and harmonious mix of elements that look visually appealing.

How do you mix and match rings?

To make mixing and matching rings a bit easier, wear a double finger ring. This way, at least “two” of the rings that you are wearing match. Designs for double finger rings range from simple to ornate, so pair other pieces accordingly.

How do you get used to wearing jewelry?


  1. Find Your Comfort Zone. You’re not used to wearing jewellery, so you will want to start with one category. …
  2. Start Small. …
  3. Make It A Habit. …
  4. Gradually Add Layers. …
  5. Keep Your Jewellery Organized.
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Can you combine two gold chains?

You can do it, but you don’t have to. Currently, a combination of different necklaces is also very on trend. Combine several thin necklaces and create a unique look.