How do you change the draw weight on diamond outlaws?

How do you change the draw length on a diamond outlaw?

The draw length of all current Diamond bows can be adjusted without draw length specific modules. The Rotating Mod System makes this feature possible. By simply rotating the module clockwise or counterclockwise, your draw length can be adjusted, typically in 1/2 inch increments.

Does changing draw weight change draw length?

The weight of a bow (the ‘poundage’) is always measured at a standard 28″ draw length, but that weight changes at different draw lengths. … If your own draw length is over 28″, then the actual weight of a bow will be higher than it is listed at (conversely, if your draw length is less, the bow weight will be less).

Is a 50lb bow too much?

Check your accuracy with bows of varying draw weights. If you’re pretty consistent at 40 pounds, but then notice erratic arrow groups at 50 pounds, then 50 pounds is probably too much weight. … Those who shoot one-piece recurves or longbows are going to have to switch bows.

How do you change the draw weight on a diamond edge 320?

Draw weight on the Diamond Edge SB-1 is adjustable from 70 pounds downward to 7 pounds. Draw weight can be adjusted by using a 1/4 inch hex wrench to either tighten or loosen the limb bolt. The draw weight should be adjusted equally on top and bottom limb bolt.

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How do you determine your draw length?

To measure your draw length, stand with your back to a wall stretching your arms out against the wall. Measure the distance from the end of your middle finger to the end of your other middle finger, basically the length of both arms, hands and chest. This measurement, minus 15 then divided by 2, is your draw length.

What is the difference between the diamond infinite edge and the pro?

The Infinite Edge is the first generation of this lineup. While there were some improvements made in the Pro, the first generation Edge is largely the same. It has a bit smaller axle to axle measurement, and only goes to a 30” draw length. Finally, the Edge has a 75% let-off compared to the Pro’s 80%.

How fast does the diamond Infinite Edge shoot?

Feet per Second (FPS).

The FPS for the Diamond Infinite Edge is 310, and that’s very decent for a beginner-to-intermediate compound bow. There are faster bows out there—some of the most high-end bows can even go up to 370 FPS, if you can believe it—but you’re only going to find that sort of FPS on very high-end models.