How do I invest in pink diamonds?

Is buying pink diamonds a good investment?

The Argyle Mine

In the past 11 years especially, many of the pink diamond prices have increased by 367%, making them a hard and stable investment, and one that clearly shows strong growth. … This makes pink diamonds an intelligent investment.

Do pink diamonds hold their value?

As a result of their extreme popularity and considering how rare these diamonds are, the value for natural pink diamonds continues to increase. Similar to all other fancy colored diamonds, the larger the carat weight and better the cut, color, and clarity the more expensive the stones will be.

How do you invest in diamonds?

How to buy Diamonds for Investment

  1. Buy a piece you like. …
  2. Choose a carat, colour and clarity that is in demand. …
  3. Do your market research. …
  4. Certification / authenticity. …
  5. Consider your outlets for reselling. …
  6. Calculate the costs involved in buying and selling. …
  7. Avoid treated and synthetic diamonds.

Are colored diamonds a good investment?

Colorless diamonds are generally best for gifts, he said, while colored diamonds (pink, yellow, etc.) can be “assets with highly attractive investment” potential. Prices for a number of smaller colorless diamonds have fallen, while those for many colored diamonds have been stronger.

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How much is my pink diamond worth?

While pink diamonds with lower total carats cost far less than their counterparts, quality Fancy Light Pink diamonds attracted around $300,000 in 2014; Intense Pink diamonds go from anywhere between $450,000 to $600,00; Vivid Pink diamonds in the market sell for as much as $600,000 to $1.75 million per carat.

How do I sell my Argyle pink diamond?

How To Sell a Pink Diamond Online

  1. Fill out the online form.
  2. Receive your initial valuation.
  3. Make an appointment or mail in your pink diamond via free, fully insured FedEx Overnight Priority mail.
  4. Receive your final price offer.
  5. If you accept the final offer, get paid in as little as 24 hours.

How much is the most expensive pink diamond?

The Pink Star diamond has become the world’s most expensive gemstone, selling at auction today for an incredible US$71.2 million (A$94.3 million) including buyer’s premium. At 59.60 carats, The Pink Star is the largest internally flawless, fancy vivid pink diamond ever graded by the Gemological Institute of America.

How do you tell if it is a real pink diamond?

For the fog test, hold the diamond or ring between two fingers and breath on it with a puff of air. A light fog will form on the diamond because of the moisture and heat in your breath. If the fog dissipates right away, the diamond is real.

Which diamond is best for investment?

According to a well known diamond trade organization the ideal diamond for investment is a Round Brilliant from 1.01 to 1.49 carat, D-H in color and from IF (internally flawless) to VS2 (very slightly included) clarity.

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Is investing in diamonds a good idea?

Several factors make it a good investment option as compared to gold. Size: The first and the most obvious advantage it has over gold is its size. Unlike gold bullions, diamonds don’t take a lot of room. These precious gemstones were used as a great means of money transfer since a long time ago.

How do you pick a diamond color?

Natural Colored Diamonds

  1. Color. Color intensity, the deepness or richness of color, is the most important consideration when purchasing a colored diamond. …
  2. Carat. After color grade, carat weight has the most impact on price for colored diamonds. …
  3. Clarity. …
  4. Cut. …
  5. Shape. …
  6. Certification. …
  7. Setting Colored Diamonds.