How did Jewel get his horse in As I Lay Dying?

How did Jewel get the horse?

Jewel’s history: he secretly worked overnight for months on Quick’s forty-acre field to earn his horse. Jewel returns from the fields with Darl, taller and soldier-like, stepping through cottonhouse windows. He goes straight into the pasture after getting home, whistles for his horse.

What does jewels horse symbolize in As I Lay Dying?

Shortly after Addie’s death, the Bundren children seize on animals as symbols of their deceased mother. … To us, based on Darl’s word, the horse is a symbol of Jewel’s love for his mother. For Jewel, however, the horse, based on his riding of it, apparently symbolizes a hard-won freedom from the Bundren family.

Why does Anse sell Jewel’s horse?

He explains that he has mortgaged his farm equipment, used some money that Cash was saving to buy a gramophone, used some money from his own false teeth fund, and traded away Jewel’s horse.

Why is Jewel’s mother a horse?

Darl’s taunt that Jewel’s mother is a horse indicates that Jewel devotes all the love he possesses for his mother on the horse. The horse has become a type of mother symbol, but only Darl is perceptive enough to be aware of this.

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Did Jewel give up his horse?

He doesn’t want to be beholden to his “father.” He doesn’t want to be a part of this “family.” So of course it’s no surprise that Jewel takes off with his horse after Anse tells him he’s traded it for a mule. This is the perfect time for Jewel to get out of town and away from the Bundrens.

Why does Darl burn the barn?

In the early part of this section, Darl tells Vardaman that he heard his mother asking to be hidden from the sight of man. This is one of the motivating reasons behind Darl’s decision to burn the barn. … Therefore, he wants to thwart their selfish motives and at the same time give his mother a respectable cremation.

How did Addie treat jewel?

Jewel treats Addie harshly while she is alive, and only once she is dead does he “save [her] from the water and from the fire,” as she always believed he would. … Addie invests her life and energy in a love that finds repayment and comes to fruition only after she is dead.

Why is Addie a fish?

Faulkner employs animals as personal symbols of Addie after her death. For Vardaman, Addie is a fish. Like the one Vardaman catches and kills, the fish is something transformed from one state to another.

What does Darl tell jewel His mother is?

Jewel heads for the barn, and when Anse calls after him, Jewel does not respond. After Darl states that Jewel’s mother is a horse, Vardaman wonders if that means his mother is a horse too, but Darl assures him otherwise.

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What was Addies profession before she was married?

She worked as a schoolteacher and enjoyed whipping her students, whom she secretly hated. Oddly enough, what appealed to Addie most about this corporal punishment was the fact that it made her a part of the students’ lives.

Why does Darl laugh in As I Lay Dying?

Consequently, it can be maintained that this is a rather ridiculous situation and that Darl laughs because he is intelligent and perceptive enough to recognize the absurdity of the entire situation.

Who retrieves the coffin from the burning barn?

Later, as Dewey Dell and Vardaman prepare to go to sleep on the back porch, Anse, Darl, Jewel, and the Gillespie boy, the son of the farmer who is hosting the Bundrens, all move the coffin from under the apple tree to the barn.