How can I get a cheap diamond ring?

What is the cheapest way to buy a diamond?

The best place to buy a loose diamond at the lowest price is from an online jewelry company. You can get premium-quality diamonds at competitive prices from online platforms. If you wish to buy loose diamonds of high quality, then Diamond Hedge is one of the best places to buy a diamond.

Are loose diamonds cheaper?

Loose diamonds aren’t necessarily cheaper than their mounted equivalent, however, they have the advantage of offering buyers a ‘complete view’ – no inclusions hidden by prongs or color concealment against a setting. Buying a loose diamond online will be considerably cheaper than buying from a store.

Can you buy diamonds online?

Where to Buy Diamonds Online. Many Australian jewellers offer shoppers the ability to buy their diamond rings online. At the lower cost end of the market, retailers like Michael Hill, Prouds, and Angus & Coote have large online stores where shoppers can filter by style and price.

Does JCPenney sell real diamond rings?

In the collection of fine diamond rings on clearance at JCPenney you will find beautiful diamond rings made from sterling silver, tungsten, and gold in white, yellow, rose, and two-tone styles. … Your jewelry will be the best anywhere when you get it from the JCPenney collection of clearance diamond rings.

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Will Jewelers set a diamond?

Both online jewelers and diamond wholesalers that sell loose diamonds will set your diamond for you in a variety of different ring styles. If you want a setting that’s highly-customized, there are many independent jewelers that will be happy to set your ring in a custom design.

Are wholesale diamonds cheaper?

Wholesale Diamond Sellers

By eliminating the additional expenses of retail stores, the savings is then passed on to the customer. Additionally, these companies are able to sell the diamonds they import at wholesale prices. This means the customer pays less for a wholesale diamond.

Can I just buy a ring setting?

It is possible to provide just the mount or setting only for an Eternity Ring. Please note that most of our regular Diamond set Eternity Ring styles are not available as empty settings. We can CAD design and create an eternity ring to accommodate your stone sizes.