Frequent question: What type of jewelry does Madame Loisel borrow from Madame Forestier?

Where does Madame Loisel borrow jewelry?

In the book “La Parure” (in French from Guy de Maupassant) Madame Loisel borrow jewelry to Madame Forestier, but will unfortunately loose it.

What kind of necklace did Mme Loisel borrowed?

Even after Madame Loisel does so, she is still unhappy because she has no jewels to wear with it. She spurns Loisel’s idea of wearing fresh flowers instead-but takes his suggestion to borrow some jewelry from her friend, Madame Jeanne Forestier. She borrows a diamond necklace as her only ornamentation.

What did Matilda finally borrow from Madame Forestier?

Ans. Matilda borrowed a necklace from Madam Forestier to wear in a ball. She lost it the same night.

Why does Madame Loisel choose to borrow a luxury item?

Madame Mathilde Loisel selects what she thinks is a diamond necklace because she believes it is “superb” and just the kind of dazzling jewelry that will enable her to attract the attention of the male guests and make her appear affluent.

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Why does Madame Loisel borrow a necklace from Madame Forestier?

Madame Loisel borrows a necklace from her friend, Madame Forestier because she kept complaining that she didn’t have any jewelry. At the beginning of the story Madame Loisel is dissatisfied with her life because she marries a minor civil servant and doesn’t have the things she desires like jewelry and dresses.

What was the actual worth of the necklace borrowed by Mathilde?

It took ten years for Mathilde and Loisel to repay the cost of the necklace. What was the actual cost of the necklace? Answer: The actual cost of the necklace was only five hundred francs.

What efforts did Loisel make to find the necklace?


  • they looked in the folds of her dress , in the folds of her cloak.
  • in her pockets ,.. everywhere.
  • over the whole route they walked back.
  • he went to police and newspaper man and offered them a reward if they could bring back that necklace..
  • he went to various cab companies to see if it had been turned in…

Who did he receive an invitation from the necklace?

When Monsieur Loisel returns home one evening, he triumphantly presents his superficial, ungrateful wife with a printed card and exclaims that they have been invited to an exclusive ball at the Ministry of Education. Monsieur Loisel is thrilled to receive the invitation and anticipates that his wife will share in…

How did the Loisels replace the necklace?

Answer: Loisel decided to buy a brand-new necklace and return it back to Madame Forestier. … He borrowed the other money from moneylenders, took money from usurers and collected 36000 francs to buy a identical necklace and return it back to Madame Forestier.

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Why is Matilda at Madame Forestier?

It took away ten prime years of their lives. Matilda could have avoided the miserable life that she and her husband had to resort by confessing to Mme Forestier that she had lost the necklace.

How did the Loisels repay the loan?

The Loisels had to buy a diamond necklace for thirty-six thousand francs to replace the one that was lost. Matilda had to cut down on the household expenses and save money while Mr Loisel worked overtime and did copying work at nights. In this way, they could repay the money in ten years.

What made Matilda smile with pride when she met Mme Forestier at the end of the story?

Answer: One Sunday, when Matilda was going to buy the things of the household she saw Mme Forestier after ten long years. Her friend was still young and pretty while Matilda had grown old and coarse. For a moment, she considered whether she should speak to her or not.