Frequent question: What should I look for in an Asscher cut diamond?

Is Asscher cut rare?

So why is this ring special? Only approximately 2% of all diamonds are made into Asscher cuts. These are technically a modified emerald cut with beveled corners and square symmetry, a cut that was created in 1902 by Joseph Asscher.

What is the Asscher diamond cut?

The asscher cut, (also a step cut diamond like the emerald cut) is a blend of the princess and emerald cuts with X-shaped facets from its corners to its center culet. The brilliance of its faceting can mask certain inclusions and lower color grades.

What Asscher cut says about you?

Similar to the emerald cut, the Asscher cut has 58 layered facets, creating a square shape with angled corners. This cut is less shiny than the Princess Cut, and is not going to mask inclusions – but if you go for the Asscher cut, you likely know your worth and aren’t ready to compromise the stone’s quality.

Is Asscher cut more expensive than emerald?

Emeralds and Asscher cut are both less expensive than a comparable round brilliant. BUT, it’s likely that you’ll be choosing higher color and clarity grades. Their tendency to show color and inclusions more easily can drive the price higher than you were initially anticipating.

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