Frequent question: What is definition of jewel?

What is the dictionary definition of jewels?

noun. a cut and polished precious stone; gem. a fashioned ornament for personal adornment, especially of a precious metal set with gems. a precious possession. a person or thing that is treasured, esteemed, or indispensable.

Whats a jewel of a person?

The definition of a jewel is a precious gem, or a valuable person or thing. … An example of a jewel is an employee who always goes above and beyond their job description.

What are jewel words?


  • bauble.
  • bead.
  • gem.
  • ornament.
  • stone.
  • trinket.
  • glass.
  • rock.

What does the name jewel mean in the Bible?

Jewel name meanings is Precious stone. … Other similar sounding names can be Jwalia, Jwala.

Where does the word jewel come from?

The word jewellery itself is derived from the word jewel, which was anglicised from the Old French “jouel”, and beyond that, to the Latin word “jocale”, meaning plaything.

What’s the difference between a gem and a jewel?

As nouns the difference between gem and jewel

is that gem is a precious stone, usually of substantial monetary value or prized for its beauty or shine while jewel is a precious or semi-precious stone; gem, gemstone.

What is the meaning of precious jewel?

countable noun. A jewel is a precious stone used to decorate valuable things that you wear, such as rings or necklaces.

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