Frequent question: How many calories are in a 1/2 ruby red grapefruit?

How many calories are in a half of a grapefruit?

Here are some of the major nutrients found in half of a medium-sized grapefruit (1): Calories: 52. Carbs: 13 grams. Protein: 1 gram.

How many calories are in a ruby red grapefruit?

According to the US Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service, a whole, single red or pink grapefruit that’s 3¾ inches across has only 103 calories. That’s fewer calories than a large, raw banana.

How many calories are in a grapefruit?


Nutrient Amount in 200 g of grapefruit Recommended daily intake
Energy (calories) 64 1,800–3,000
Protein (g) 1.3 46–56
Carbohydrate (g) 16.2, of which 14 g is sugar 130
Fiber (g) 2.2 22.4–33.6

Is half a grapefruit a serving of fruit?

Large fresh fruit

A portion is half a grapefruit, 1 slice of papaya, 1 slice of melon (5cm slice), 1 large slice of pineapple or 2 slices of mango (5cm slices).

How many calories are in a small 1/2 grapefruit?

Nutrition Facts Grapefruit, raw red or pink Serving size: 1/2 fruit (3-3/4″ dia)(123 g) Calories 52 Calories from Fat 1 *Percent Daily Values (%DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Should I eat a whole grapefruit or half?

The classic way to enjoy grapefruit—splitting it and eating with a spoon—is OK, she said. (Be sure to rinse it before you cut: Otherwise, the knife might push bacteria on the skin through the entire fruit.) But if you peel it like an orange and eat it by the section, you get added benefits from the membranes.

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Is grapefruit good for losing weight?

Grapefruit can be part of a healthy weight loss diet because it’s nutritious, not because of any mysterious fat-burning properties. If you’re a grapefruit lover, reap the benefits of this super-nutritious fruit by enjoying a serving before meals.

Is Ruby Red grapefruit healthy?

Health Fact

Ruby red grapefruit has many health benefits; it can help rehydrate the body due to its high water content, may speed weight loss, has hefty dose of vitamins A and C that can help boost the immune system and help control blood sugar.

Is grapefruit high in sugar?


This low-sugar fruit is a favorite breakfast food. Half a medium-sized grapefruit contains around 11 g of sugar . If a person finds grapefruit too sharp, they may wish to drizzle a small amount of honey or sprinkle Stevia on top.

Can I eat grapefruit at night?

Grapefruit juice: Drinking a glass of grapefruit juice before bed helps in regulating the secretion of insulin in your body. Grape juice has a low-calorie content and is rich in Vitamin C and potassium, which is also great for your skin.