Frequent question: How do you get to Lavaridge town in Emerald?

How do you get to Lavaridge Town?

Lavaridge Town is a small community built at the base of Mt. Chimney. It can only be reached by climbing down Jagged Pass.

What does the egg hatch into in Emerald?

The Lavaridge Pokémon Center is connected to a hot spring, which is what Lavaridge Town is famous for all over the Hoenn region. An old lady in front of the hot springs gives the player character/protagonist a Pokémon Egg, which hatches into Wynaut.

How do you get to Route 112 in Pokemon Emerald?

After you go north from Mauville City, you find an impassable desert with sandstorm. Go west from there to Route 112.

Where do I go after Lavaridge Town in Pokemon Emerald?

Visit the Desert

After you leave the gym, your neighbor gives you the Go-Goggles. Now you can go into the desert in Route 111. You can go east from Lavaridge and jump down the ledges. Be sure to get the Nugget on the way down.

How do I get the cable car in Pokemon Emerald?

To get in, play the game normaly, going through fire path and route 113 until you reach Meteor falls and defeat the grunts there. After that, you can enter the cable car.

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How do you get into Team Aqua’s hideout in Pokemon Emerald?

Go southwest and you find Aqua Admin Matt. He has a level 32 Carvanha, level 32 Mightyena, and level 32 Sharpedo. After you defeat Matt, go southeast to find another white circle. It takes you back to the entrance of the hideout.

How do you get to Mauville City?

After you drop off the Devon Goods in Slateport and go north through Route 110, you reach Mauville City, home to the next Gym.

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